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International Academy of Information Technology and Quantitative Management (IAITQM) was formally inaugurated on June 3, 2012 with more than 50 founding members from China, United States, Australia, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey and other countries.

The First International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management (ITQM 2013), established by IAITQM, will be hold at Suzhou, which has been praised as "paradise on earth" since ancient times. The city is located in the south of Jiangsu province in eastern China. Suzhou covers an area of 8,488 km2, with a population of 6.423 million. With over 4,000 years of written historical records, Suzhou was entitled one of twenty-four cultural and historic cities by the State Council. Its network of rivers and canal compose its unique landscape of "small bridge, flowing water, white wall, black tile, cultural relics and classic gardens". The weather in Suzhou during May is pleasant, with an average temperature of 22。C (72。F) and a low probability of rain.

ITQM 2013 is a global forum for exchanging research findings and case studies that bridge the latest information technology and quantitative management techniques. It explores how the use of information technology improves quantitative management techniques and how the development of management tools can reshape the development of information technology. It covers all topics in the broad ranges of information technology and quantitative management including, but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Issues
  • Bio Informatics
  • Brian Informatics
  • Cluster Computing & Performance
  • Cloud computing
  • Data Mining & Web Mining
  • Data Warehouse & Applications
  • Database Keyword Search & Search Technology
  • E-Commerce
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Intelligent Agents Technologies
  • Intelligent Data Analysis
  • Information Ethics & Legal Evaluations
  • Information Retrieval Systems
  • Information Security
  • Recommender Systems
  • Social Computing
  • Trustworthy Computing & Software
  • Wireless Technology & Performance
  • Accounting Analysis
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Decision Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Complex System
  • Computational Economics
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Enterprise Computing & Evaluation
  • Group Decision Making & Collaboration
  • Habitual Domain & Organizational Behavior
  • Innovations & Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Marketing
  • Multi-criteria Decision Making
  • Optimization Control & Techniques
  • Policy Modeling
  • Quality Management
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Service Management
  • Visualization & Decision Making

Technical exchanges within the research community will encompass invited keynote lectures, special sessions, tutorials and workshops, panel discussions as well as poster presentations. Prospective authors are invited to contribute high-quality papers to ITQM 2013.

[Download Call For Paper:WORD  PDF]


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