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Pleanry Speakers:

  • Chengcheng Liu, Founder & CEO of 36Kr Co., China

  • Weidong Zhou, Board Chairman of Beijing Taiji Huabao High-tech Co., Ltd., China

Business Model Evolution for 36Kr Co.

Chengcheng Liu
Founder & CEO of 36Kr Co., China;


Founded in June 2011, 36Kr began as a tech blog and developed into an entry-leveled ISP equipped with venture media, online equity-based crowdfunding platform, offline FA service and offline incubator. The great capability of approaching to high-quality equity from primary market enables 36Kr to serve IT companies as a fintech enterprise.

Introduction to 36 Kr Co.:

36Kr.com (Beijing XieLiZhuCheng Financial Information Service Co., Ltd) was founded in July 2011 by Mr. Chengcheng Liu, one of 2016 Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia, comprises of rong.36Kr.com, space.36Kr.com and media.36Kr.com. It is a leading eco-system for TMT (telecommunications, media and technology) entrepreneurship in China as well as the largest domestic financial agent for equity transaction in primary market.
36Kr.com is run by a professional and ambitious team, most of them once served well-known companies across the TmT and the financial industries. Shareholders of 36Kr are ANT Financial, which is the largest TMT finance company in China. Matrix Partners China, a world famous venture capital institution and HuaTaiRuiLin, a TMT direct investment fund of leading securities trader in China Huatai Securities.
With the Chinese government's positive policy on pioneering and innovation, 36Kr.com's mission is to empower innovation by providing the best products and services for entrepreneurs.

Online Education Platform for Insurance Industry

Weidong Zhou
Board Chairman of Beijing Taiji Huabao High-tech Co., Ltd., China;


As long, Education and training has always been an important work in insurance industry. Recently, it has become an online model since the advent of the Internet era. HUABAO Online effectively grasp this opportunity, rationally allocating education resources in insurance industry with an online way. Since launched in June 2016, HUABAO Online has made a key step toward to creating a new model of education in insurance industry. HUABAO Online opened up a platform to provide education service which have rich contents and flexible methods for insurance companies and employees only. At the same time, the versions of the APP based on IOS and Android have been released. The education platform achieves interaction between PC, mobile and tablets, and it is building on public could, including several subsystems, such as course publishing system, online learning, online examination, video-on-demand, on-line live broadcast, data statistics etc.

Introduction to TAIJIHUABAO High-tech Co., Ltd:

Established in 2002, Beijing TAIJIHUABAO High-tech Co., Ltd. completed incubation in North China Institute of Computing Technology, went public on March 2016, stock symbol is 836491. In the insurance industry, we are an industry leader in Multimedia Conference System and Data Center System solutions. TAIJIHUABAO can provide all industry solutions based on the whole life cycle of information system. On the basis of traditional business advantage, TAIJIHUABAO strive to innovate new technology, grasp the marking change, keep living up to the belief of ”°technology first, talents first”±, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness. In the wave of Internet and big data£¬ we building video conference cloud and online education platform for insurance industry. We will maintain a steady growth of performance according to the innovation of management mode and the exploration of industrial value.


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