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  • Dr. Inder Thukral, Chief Executive Officer, Boston Analytics, Kognetics Inc.
    Dr. Steven Walsh, ¡°Distinguished Professor¡± and Creative enterprise professor at UNM¡¯s Anderson School of Management.

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IoT in Big Emerging Markets

Dr. Inder Thukral
Chief Executive Officer, Boston Analytics, Kognetics Inc.

Dr. Steve Walsh
¡°Distinguished Professor¡± and Creative enterprise professor at UNM¡¯s Anderson School of Management


Will the IoT business model be the same for Big Emerging, Developing and Developed economies? One case that provides some direction on this is the embrace of mobile telephony in different economies and regions of the world. Mobile telephony is part of the IoT deployment model and indeed central to its infrastructure. Yet, the deployment models for Mobil telephony / internet are strikingly different in for example India and North America. The use cases driving its adoption are similarly diverse. Initially, the internet in the US was driven by watching videos. Today the new Internet is evolving fast where central African countries were the first to use it for banking and the US leads in its use for supply chain management. Here we discuss what are apt to be the leading use cases for Big Emerging economies like India. We will discuss this in three ¡°layers.¡± We will discuss this in four aspects; applications, business models, infrastructure and enablers (policy, skills, security and privacy)


Dr. Inder Thukral is the CEO of Kognetics, a software company building an artificial intelligence platform for M&A and strategy professionals to predict industry and company events that disrupts the way strategic decisions are made. (2014 ¨C Present).
Inder is also the CEO of Boston Analytics, as strategy consulting firm that advises Fortune 1000 clients in developing and growing their emerging markets footprint (2011 ¨C Present). BA¡¯s data driven and analytical approach has helped clients identify opportunities and develop actionable strategies for execution. We have completed over 400 engagements in 26 countries in specific sectors such as industrial, technology, healthcare and consumer packaged goods.
Inder spent 16 years at IBM and his last role was the Vice President for Strategy and Business Development for Emerging Markets based in Shanghai. He was a member of leadership team and led numerous international strategic initiatives to grow IBM¡¯s businesses in Asia Pacific.
Inder earned his BE at IIT Roorkee (India) and Ph.D. in Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Inder also is a member of various industry working groups covering commercialization of IoT and serves on the advisory board at Rensselar¡¯s Management School. He has recently been published (Winter 2017) in the Sloan Management Review with a feature article - Mastering the Market Intelligence Challenge.
Inder lives in Albany, NY with wife and two teenage daughters.
Dr. Steven Walshis a ¡°Distinguished Professor¡± and the Creative enterprise professor at UNM¡¯s Anderson School of Management. He has served as the director of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program and is co-director of the MOT program at UNM. He is the ¡°Institute¡± professor of Entrepreneurial Renewal of Industry at the University of Twente. He has many business service awards including the lifetime achievement award for commercialization of Micro and Nano technology firms from MANCEF. He has been recognized as one of top seven researchers in Technology and Innovation Management in the world over the past ten (10) years and one of the top 5 researchers in Technology Entrepreneurship over the past 15 years. He earned his Ph.D. from RPI.
He has also written several books and has author of nearly 200 archival academic and practitioner articles, books and book chapters. He currently provides a column for an emerging technology focused (IoT, MEMS and Nanotechnology) industrial journal named Commercial Micro Manufacturing International. He was a manager at a division of a fortune 500 firm and General Manager of a small and Medium enterprise. He is also a serial entrepreneur and has helped to attract tens of millions of dollars to firms where he was a founder, president and or vice president. He has been involved mainly in the emerging technology commercialization space professionally. During the last twenty years on Micro, Nano and during the last ten years he has added Additive Manufacturing and IoT. He is the president of Janus Ventures Inc. a consulting firm. He is the chair of the Trillion Sensor Systems group and is focused on infrastructure development. He is consulting to firms in this space on IoT systems as well as the use of Additive manufacturing in high consequence industries.


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